Framer Framed welcomes you on Saturday 26 November at 14:00 to a presentation and discussion around the publication Letter to a Silk Road by Dutch artist Marjolijn Boterenbrood. Boterenbrood will discuss the research project, linking Kyrgyzstan and the Netherlands, with Malika Umarova and Fabienne Rachmadiev, moderated by Sandra Rottenberg.

During the afternoon, Marjolijn Boterenbrood will present Letter to a Silk Road at Framer Framed and discuss the publication with Kyrgyz artist Malika Umarova and researcher Fabienne Rachmadiev. The publication emerged from Boterenbrood’s artistic research in Kyrgyzstan in 2019, which focused on the age-old connections that Kyrgyzstan has with the world, since it is situated at the heart of the old silk roads along which silk and other products, animals, seeds, religions, ideas but also deadly diseases travel.

The discussion on 26 November, with moderator Sandra Rottenberg, takes the publication as a starting point for a critical reflection on links between the Netherlands, Kyrgyzstan, and beyond, with the changing political contexts caused by the impacts of climate change and the war in Ukraine. Letter to a Silk Road functions as a catalyst for an open discussion, where the bringing together of different fields can lead to a broader mutual understanding.

This programme takes place in the context of Framer Framed’s exhibition To those who have no time to play by Gluklya (Natalia Pershina-Yakimanskaya). Part of the exhibition has been realised in collaboration with the Felt Art Studio, Issyk-Kul (Kyrgyzstan).

 at Framer Framed (Oranje-Vrijstaatkade 71, Amsterdam)
When: 26 November, from 14:00 till 16:00 o’clock

Everyone is welcome, but it’s nice if you can let us know!